Racisim Causing Problems

OK so whats up with racism? seriously? We are in 2012 now and the color of someones skin determines who they are and how they act? Like i said already its 2012! We are all the same human being. We all bleed we all breathe etc… .. So because your pissed at someone  being black/white/asian/mexican/hispanic/ etc. get over it… Racism is another way to destroy us from coming together as a whole and uniting against this tyrannical “government” the United States has.  Yes all presidents have been white. So the first “african-american” president comes along and does screw everything up. Is it because hes “black” … no. Did he favor a certain race? No. He has made some bad decisions and before you get all “voice your racist” no im not and its not just him destroying it he has a congress (mostly democratic for most of his time in office)  behind him . SO is it because of the “black guy in office” < NO! George Bush made bad decisions as well. Even when his congress was mostly Republicans. SO what have we learned? The “black guy” didn’t screw it up . It doesn’t matter if they’re republican or democratic because both parties messed up in the past 12 years. SO lets come together as a whole and get this country back together. And don’t forget that the people run the government. The government does not run the people


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Ok Here’s How It Goes

Ladies and Gentlemen patriots of all kinds….

I am xthexvoicexofxtruth. We all know our country is corrupted and today on  the way home from work i realized a few reasons as to why our economy is so cruddy. Our government has gotten way to big for us. We were founded as a republic we were designed to be governed by the people for the people! We were never meant to have decisions made for us. I don’t know about you but i do not need our Government to hold my hand and tell me whats right and wrong. I don’t need them to tell me how to live my life! We need to break away from this system! You have rights ladies and gentlemen. You have rights that CANNOT  be taken away from you. This is called the Constitution. Please do not let anything any institution take your rights away. Stand up for yourself, post blogs, post videos, inform the public. Keep your rights and your freedom. We are human beings who can make our own decisions.

heres my youtube its a work in progress


——This is xthexvoicexofxtruth out