The World Police

America. One of the youngest countries in the word, has become the worlds police. We are on patrol from the homeland of America to the Indian Sea. I understand the need for information, to keep us safe, and to have allies. But I don’t understand why we show our brute force everywhere we are. From bases to ships our soldiers are heavily armed. With guns, cannons, missiles, planes, and helicopters. We have become trained killers. I support our troops for keeping us safe at night and allowing us to have many freedoms; like the freedom I have of writing this blog, or going out for a movie, or even hanging out with friends. Thank you to our military men and women. But i don’t quite understand the “global policy” of us being the world police.

How is it that when something goes wrong  we are the first to act? Are we truly the most powerful military force in the world? Yes and no is the answer. Yes we  have the fire power, yes we have the man power, and yes we have the strength. But is it best for us to be looked at as the worlds police or the most powerful? Do we need this for ourselves at this current time? No we don’t. Our economy is falling apart. Our government is destroying our rights here at home. Look at all the past world conquerors. Rome for example took control of most of Europe and some of Africa. Completely took over the area and ruled that specific part of the world. Look at Nazi Germany. Controlled most of Europe Northern Africa and with their allies  most of the Eastern Hemisphere. What do these have in common? They both were torn apart by those who stood up and defied them all together. They were overthrown by the people for the people and the greater good. And if we fail to learn from our past we are truly doomed to repeat our past.


Security over Freedom? Tsa and Police Brutality

Im sitting here pondering the question; Why did we choose security over freedom? As I’m asking myself this question the answer seems easy but its not a decision that was needed to this extent. Now it depends on what you do and do not believe in as far as what happened in 2001. But shortly after the attacks of 9/11 we as americans lost a good portion of our freedoms. When you walk into an airport and wait in line you are now required to be put through a scanner. Either the x-ray scanner or the hand operated scanner. And in some cases full blown pat downs just to get on the airplane. I understand peoples fear of being on a multi-ton plane flying thousands of feet up in the air. But how much will you keep giving up until you have lost it all? Now the government is in process of getting the TSA into stadiums, bus depots , train depots, basically any public place involving masses of people.  We hear all the time on the news of someone being molested by a TSA agent. It is in fact a violation of our personal privacy. Personally i don’t want to get rubbed down all over my body for “homeland security purposes”. Yes there are terrorists here in the U.S. but to pat down a five or six year old child in line to get on a plane  is ridiculous. We are not in iraq or even better vietnam.  In both of those countries we couldn’t tell who exactly was the enemy. This is not the case here in the United States. And no im not attempting to profile anybody but do we have five year olds with c4 strapped to their chest running around NYC or LA? No we don’t.  We know our enemy; our very own United States government. They have destroyed our rights destroyed our freedoms and suppressed us to the limit.

On the topic of police brutality

Now i understand the police need to do their job to keep the general public safe. I understand they have to follow certain procedures (Miranda rights etc). I do not however quite understand the excessive force they use when arresting someone. When an eighty something year old is pulled over for dui how is it that the police can throw him and or her on the ground then climb on them and pull their arms behind their back to get them in the car. Again i fully understand arresting them for dui but not being excessive. How is that allowed? How is it legal to abuse an elder person for making a mistake. How can officers go on the streets during a peaceful protest wearing riot gear be allowed? If there is no immediate danger to any property or anyone else why is there so much force allowed? Tear gas, riot shields, riot gear, etc.. How can this be? Why is it when someone is at a gathering (example a politician speaking).  and someone in the crowd disagrees with the speaker and is speaking his opinion gets thrown down and arrested because of  ” disorderly conduct.”  Our police are meant to be the protector of the public. Not to be a military force to stop all crime . It is impossible for all crime to be stopped.