Back Again After Almost A Year

WELL guess who’s back ladies and gentlemen i see my friend SleepySalsa has been quite busy with his page as well as mine. More than ever our government is proving daily they can’t keep covering up their lies and their issues. FOR EXAMPLE: the debt celling. They say “we will shut down if we don’t get the vote in to raise the debt celling.” yet they don’t really try to pay off any of their previous debts. How many times in the past year have we heard this? Honestly. Obamacare is coming weather we like it or not. The unemployment is on an uprise. So what does Obama have to stand on for his next election?

Only 2 things by my count.(And really 0)

1. He managed to get his Obamacare passed.
2. Osama Bin Laden.

So lets begin with the first of the two, his health care plan. Obamas claim to fame is Obamacare. Finally the government wised up and decided its time to take care of everyone. (as if they aren’t doing that already). Hey lets make heath care accessible to everyone. ( everyone including illegal immigrants.) This is America we’re talking about people. We take care of everyone. ( good example there… what about welfare, subsidized housing, and food stamps?) Obviously this is sarcasm, Government paid health care doesn’t work. Look at England. Those people requiring life saving surgeries come here to America to get them. Instead of being put on a “waiting list” to see if you can get the surgery. So these people either wait in pain unable to work or live for that matter or DIE waiting to get the much needed surgery. Do we really want that here in America? I think not. you probably think the same. But if you still aren’t persuaded yet how about this. The fine you will pay if you don’t get any health care. What kind of “free” country FINES people who DON’T want do buy something. For example, if i don’t want to buy a house instead i want to rent should i get fined for it? No. So are you willing to have the government step up and fine you for not buying their product? This doesn’t sound like the America i want to be a part of. No Taxation Without Representation.

Onward to the second topic. Osama Bin Laden.
Under Obamas presidency our military “took out” Osama Bin Laden. Number one on america’s most wanted list. But you have to remember one little thing. Obama didn’t find Bin Laden on his own. (just like how you didn’t build your business). No the preceding president made this possible during the 8 years of the Iraq war. So Obama takes all the credit for “catching/killing” Bin Laden. Yet they refused to show any actual proof that it was indeed Bin Laden…

So on top of all of this the economy has worsened , gas prices, food, and common household needs have skyrocketed, the standard of living has dropped, there are less jobs now than 4 years ago, the housing market is a flop, and our federal reserve is going to raise interest rates next year as well as higher taxes as well. SO my big question to you is are you better off now than you were four years ago before all of obamas “Hope and Change”?

-tvot out


Mascarenas v. Stachowiak (CoS-CLC Verdict #110401)

The following is the officially released verdict from the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court in the matter of Randy Mascarenas v. James Stachowiak.



“On November 5, 2011, the Petit Jury, based upon the evidence and testimony provided by both sides, came back with a Verdict of Guilty on 10 counts and Not Guilty on 1 count, to wit:


Count 1: Guilty of Slander, in that in the Exhibit No. 1-1, you put in an unfavorable light and suggested illegal activity in your accusations of the Accuser’s morals and habits, when you said, “Ranger Randy… Randy Mack… is in anal sex, in Alberta, Canada” “and, “that you came into this movement with deception and lies.”

Count 2: Not Guilty of Defamation

Count 3: Guilty of Slander, in that in Exhibit No. 3-2, regarding the PayPal account that was set up for JP4 (Charles Dyer), you claim that you will defend yourself, and that Randy accused you of stealing money and having access to said PayPal account.

Count 4: Guilty of Incitement, in that in the Exhibit No. 3-2, you imply retribution to those who have made false accusations, without proving any falsehood.

Count 5: Guilty of Defamation, in that in Exhibit No. 3-3, in that you have grouped Randy Mack and others with supporting one who you claim to be involved in illegal activities, including prostituting her children, and an agent attempting to get others of participating in illegal activities.

Count 6: Guilty of Threat, in that in Exhibit No. 3-3, in discussing Rand Mack, you have suggested the ease of using commonly available materials for targeting people.

Count 7: Guilty of Incitement, in that in Exhibit No. 3-3, you stated that Randy Mack is in league with one who is trying to get militia members killed, inciting others to act against him.

Count 8: Guilty of Defamation, in that in Exhibit No. 3-6, you state that Randy Mack, among others, is not accountable for his activities, and support of others, and that he should be held to the same standard that we expect government to be held to.

Count 9: Guilty of Defamation, in that in Exhibit 3-12, you accuse Randy Mack of being a lapdog.

Count 10: Guilty of Slander, in that in Exhibit 4-1, you accuse Randy Mack of trying to destroy JP4’s (Charles Dyer) donations.

Count 11: Guilty of Defamation, in that in Exhibit 4-1, that you are attempting to defame and damage the reputation of Randy Mack with allegations that he sought to ‘destroy JP4’s donations.’ “


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Federal Reserve 2009 – Comprehensive Annual Finanical Report (CAFR)

“96th Annual Report, 2009”

by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System



“The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, is a federal system composed of a central governmental agency—the Board of Governors— and 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks.

“The Board of Governors, located in Washington, D.C., consists of seven members appointed by the President of the United States and supported by a 2,100-person staff. Besides conducting research, analysis, and policy-making related to domestic and international financial and economic matters, the Board plays a major role in the supervision and regulation of the U.S. banking system and administers most of the nation’s laws regarding consumer credit protection. It also has broad oversight responsibility for the nation’s payments system and the operations and activities of the Federal Reserve Banks.

“This report covers Board and System operations and activities during calendar year 2009.”

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