LDS Preparedness Manual

LDS Preparedness Manual – Book 2: Temporal Prepardness (Provident Living)

by Another Voice of Warning (AVOW)



“It is my personal belief that this fear, or sense of sudden urgency, is a very natural outgrowth of the awakening to our awful situation. As members come to more fully understand the true nature of the world we live in, and how fragile it actually is, the urge to prepare grows strong and hot. As they first begin to see their nakedness, they are overcome with their vulnerability and may panic in their attempts to get ready as quickly as possible.”


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Swan v. Light (CoS-CLC Unanswered Indictment #120201)

The following is the officially released unanswered indictment from the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court in the matter of Deborah Swan v. Rick Light. On June 22, 2012, the Grand Jury found probable cause on 10 counts against Rick Light. When reading this summary as well as the actual document itself, please keep in mind that Swan is the Accuser and that Light is the Accused.


Count 1: Libel – That the Accused has claimed that the Accuser stole $10,000 from the “Dollars4Dyer legal defense fundraiser.”

Count 2: Libel – The Accused lied about the relationship of the Accuser and Mrs. Dyer, regarding the “Dollars4Dyer legal defense fundraiser” PayPal account and whether Mrs. Dyer had access to funds raised, with the intention of discrediting the Accuser.

Count 3: Defamation – The Accused and his known associates have lied to Mrs. Dyer on an effort to damage the Accuser’s credibility with her.

Count 4: Libel – The Accused has claimed that the Accuser made death threats to Charles Dyer’s attorney.

Count 5: Threatening – The Accused has threatened the Accuser with harm.

Count 6: Entrapment – The Accused gave the Accuser’s minor (at the time) daughter an “illegal” with the intention of having criminal Counts brought on the Accuser.

Count 7: Extortion – The Accused has made a list of demands for the Accuser to comply with.

Count 8: Defamation – The Accused claimed that the Accuser has been involved in illegal activities with other members of WRAM.

Count 9: Inimical to the Patriot Community – The Accused and his known associates has been consorting with employees or agents of the government, especially the FBI, in regard to the Charles Dyer affair.

Count 10: Intimidating the Grand Jury – The Accused, upon receipt of Notice of Indictment, replied the Court with a threat, attempting to intimidate the Grand Jury and discourage it from its duties.


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First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly

First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly

by Township of Credit River, State of Minnesota


“Plaintiff admitted that it, in combination with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, which are for all practical purposes, because of there interlocking activity and practices, and both being Banking Institutions Incorporated under the Laws of the United States, are in the Law to be treated as one and the same Bank, did create the entire $14,000.00 in money or credit upon its books by bookeeping entry. That this was the Consideration used to support the Note dated May 8, 1964 and the Mortgage of the same date. The money and credit first came into existence when they created it. Mr. Morgan admitted that no United States Law or Statute existed which gave him the right to do this. A lawful consideration must exist and be tendered to support the Note. See Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. v Emma Mason, 44 Minn. 318, 46 NW 558. The Jury found that there was no lawful consideration and I agree. Only God can created something of value out of nothing.”

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